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  • (coaching job) coaching: the job of a professional coach

    ice hockey

  • A fast contact sport played on an ice rink between two teams of six skaters, who attempt to drive a small rubber disk (the puck) into the opposing goal with hooked or angled sticks. It developed in Canada in the 19th century
  • Ice Hockey is an ice hockey video game designed by Activision programmer Alan Miller, and published by Activision.
  • a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents’ goal with angled sticks
  • Ice hockey (hockey in countries where it is the most popular form of hockey) is a team sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a puck into the opposing team’s goal. It is a fast-paced physical sport.

ice hockey coaching jobs

Nikolai Petrovich Starostin's Grave

Nikolai Petrovich Starostin's Grave
Nikolai Petrovich Starostin born 26 February 1902, died 17 February 1996 was a Russian footballer and ice hockey player, and founder of Spartak Team of Moscow.

The eldest of four brothers, Starostin was born in Presnensky District, Moscow where he enjoyed a comfortable upbringing courtesy of his father’s reasonably well paid job as a hunting guide for the Imperial Hunting Society. Football was a minor concern in Russia in this period, but the sport was growing. A Moscow league had been founded in 1910 but this died away in the years following the revolution of 1917. Starostin is said to have welcomed the revolution, though he played no active role in the revolution of 1917. Following the death of his father from typhoid in 1920, Starostin supported his family by playing football in the summer and ice hockey in the winter.

In the late 1930s many of Starostin’s friends and associates were arrested as part of the Great Purge, including Kosarev. There were also attempts to more closely control sporting matters, including forcing the Semi-final of the 1939 cup to be replayed after Spartak won the first match by a disputed goal. They went on to win the replay, which did not take place until after Spartak had already won the final.

On March 20, 1942, Starostin was arrested, along with his three brothers and other fellow players, facing accusations of involvement in a plot to kill Joseph Stalin. Following two years of interrogation in the Lubyanka, the charges were dropped but the Starostins were tried and sentenced to ten years in Siberia anyway, having been found guilty of "lauding bourgeois sport and attempting to drag bourgeois motives into Soviet sport" Stalin died on 5 March 1953. Beria, who had initially been part of the leading group after Stalin’s death, was executed later that year. As part of the movement towards "Destalinisation" an amnesty was declared for various political prisoners and this included Starostin. His sentence and those of his brothers were declared illegal, and they were set free. Nikolai was appointed as coach to the Soviet national football team, and in 1955 returned to Spartak as president, a position he maintained until 1992.

day 1265: ongoing ice capades – staying focused.

day 1265: ongoing ice capades - staying focused.
more than challenging balance and coordination, learning to skate can occasionally be a challenge to a 3 1/2 year old’s attention span.

you can tell the coaches have worked with young kids though because they do a great job of getting his attention while always maintaining a fun atmosphere, which i’d imagine is no small task when you have 20 other kids on the ice. i’m not sure i could do it so i’m glad there are those than can 🙂